Sustainability Highlights

|Global Presence

  • Global resource pooling for R&D and operation

    By recruiting talent worldwide via organic growth as well as M&A, Media Tek has built up a workf orce of several thousand for R&D and operation at 27 sites in the three continents of North America, Europe, and Asia, laying solid groundwork for MediaTek to become a world-class company.
  • Pursuit of product inclusiveness and dissemination of technology

    We believe that technology can improve human life and build an eff ective bond with the world. We have been endeavoring to connect people from all walks of life, actively tapping emerging markets and facilitating the exploration of opportunities worldwide with our ne w technologies. To meet the needs of a multilinguistic society, for instance, our mobile-phone products for the Indian market boast of over 20 dialects. Aiming for inclusiveness, our camera function presents people of different ethnicities equally well with its unique algorithm and is well-received by dark-skinned users.
  • Improved business performance and upgraded industrial status

    In 2021, with gross margin increasing by 3 percentage points, operating income jumped 150%. MediaTek was the world's 4th largest fabless IC design company, and the 7th largest semiconductor company and hit the list of “Best Taiwan Global Brands for the 7th year in a row and is the only semic onductor company on the list.

  • Active participation in standards organizations

    The company has ser ved in key positions in working gr oups of various standards organizations, such as 3GPP, IEEE 802.11 standards committee, and Wi-Fi Alliance, exercising its industrial influence to contribute to the world's latest technology standards.

  • Key player that drives the development of the 5G ecosystem

    In addition to designing cutting-edge products, MediaTek has joined hands with glob al partners, such as Ericsson, Nokia, NTT Docomo, T-Mobile, Verizon, Chunghwa Telecom, and Far EasTone Telecom, in pushing 5G forward.


  • R&D as driving force

    The company spent 96 billion NTD on R&D in 2021, up ne ar 24% than the pr evious year, underscoring its resolve in retaining technological edge.

  • Within the world's leading group for cutting-edge technology

    Ahead of its peers, MediaTek rolled out flagship 5G SoC Dimensity 9000, pushing mobile -platform technological renovation with innovative computing, gaming, imaging, multimedia, and communications, enabling mobile-device firms to forge differentiated flagship 5G smartphones which undersc ores its industrial influence on the global market.

  • Enabler of green innovation

    MediaTek continued to launch high-performance, low energy-consumption chips, helping end pr oducts of its customers cut energy consumption by 23%, which, given the amount of chip sales, led to power saving of 804 million kWh and r eduction of CO2 emission by 334,834 t ons, or the carbon storage capacity of 396,254 acres of US forests in a ye ar and equivalent to 170,000 families' electricity usage.

  • Recognition

    In 2021, 2 papers from MediaTek were accepted and subsequently published by IS SCC 2021, accumulating 85 papers for 19 consecutive years.
  • Accumulation of IPs

    The company secured over 1,500 patents in Taiwan and abroad in 2021, the highest in the Taiwanese I design industry, boosting the accumulated amount to over 12,000. The c ompany also tops the Taiwanese semiconductor industry in the amount of glob al p atents it holds in 5G communications, Wi-Fi, and HEVC.

Note: Conversion based on the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency as well as publicly available information of the Taiwan Power Company. The monthly power consumption of the average local household stands at around 326 kilowatts/hour


  • Safeguarding employee health worldwide against the pandemic

    Monitor the pandemic development across the world closely t o keep tracking on response status. Meanwhile, through our pandemic command center to assure cross-site aliment and uninterrupted global operation.

  • Reinforcement of leadership competence and invigoration of the learning platform

    Providing managers constructive feedback collected from line manager, peers and sub -orientates to accelerate leadership development. Building a feedback culture contributing to archive organizational growth.

  • Continuous effort in creating a friendly work environment 

    Proactively expend AI ChatBot to enhance two-way communication and collect employees’ voice. And offers a one-stop real-time service for workplace inquiry and assistant. Held regular Global Employee Sur vey in 2021 to better understand employees and response based on their feedback.

  • Improving user experience in global learning website

    All employees can access corporate learning website, an one stop shop to manage and register face-to-face lectures, professional training and online course at ease.

Note: Full-time non-managerial employees are all employees excluding the Board of Directors and key managers.

|Corporate Governance

  • Establish Concrete Dividend Policy

    To enhance corporate governance and shareholders'rights, MediaTek establishes a concrete Dividend Policy and discloses relevant information in the Annual Report.

  • Reinforcement of information security mechanisms

    The Company has continued to take inventory of important documents and technologies, as well as
    reinforce the protection of key technologies and enhance the effectiveness of the company's cyber security measures and information security programs.

  • Enhance risk management responsibility

    The Risk Management Committee submitted a risk management report to the board meeting in July 2021. The report includes various important risks that may arise from business activities and operations for integration into monitoring and management, in order for the Company to conduct assessments and formulate countermeasures, and continue to improve risk management efficiency, so as to achieve the Company's ultimate goal of sustainable development.

Environmental Management

  • Local procurement

    The company's local purchase value exceeded 250 billion NTD in 2021, driving gr owth of local
    semiconductor industry.

  • Responsible supply chain

    In line with advocacy of net zero carbon emission by UN Clima te Change Conference, the company held its 3rd forum on international carbon abatement trend, corporate response measures, and green-power procurement strategy online, attended by representatives from industry, government, and academia, and invited supply chain partners to join.

    In 2021, MediaTek completed inventory of supply chain c arbon abatement plan and auditing of c arbon-abatement performance, thereby attaining the target of cutting greenhouse-gas emission by 2% a ye ar. In addition, MediaTek has actively pushed reduction of carbon emission intensity, lowering of greenhouse-gas emission volume per pr oduct unit, and target for usage of renewable energy, which are included in the crit eria for annual supplier sustainability evaluation.

    MediaTek has also inspect suppliers and present corporate sustainability award to suppliers to encourage them to prioritize EGS, learn from peers, and refine their action plan and project, marching towards to build a sustainable value chain hand in hand.

  • 100% External verification for carbon reporting

    MediaTek completed ISO 14064 International Standard for GHG Emissions Inventories and Verification at all sites in Taiwan, leveling up its greenhouse-gas reporting and reduction. In 2021, ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard is planned to be introduced into the management system.

  • Dedication to energy conservation and carbon abatement 

    At full capacity, our 3 energy-efficient, high-density datacenters saves 20.3 million kWh of power a year. In 2021, MediaTek's rooftop solar power system generated 194,000 kWh of power.

    In 2022, the company will evaluate setup of second one. In addition, series of environment protection and low-carbon-emission measures have been implemented at headquarters, including integrated MediaTek’s own IoT chip products into the meeting-room system to save energy. Completed LED lighting system replacement in headquarters as well as installing electric vehicle charging stations. Schedule to install electric motor charging station in 2022.

|Community Engagement

  • Talent cultivation

    MediaTek has been collaborating with the academia and has supported their talent cultivation over the years. Our collaborative efforts include joint establishment of innovative research centers on campus, industry-university collaboration on specific projects, participation in academic research institutes, recruitment of talented professors from overseas, provision of scholarships for domestic and overseas doctoral students, and partnerships with at least 20 universities in Taiwan and abroad.

  • Call for social innovation 

    MediaTek held its 4th "Genius for Home: MediaTek Digital Social Innovation Campaign", which received 418 innovative solutions to make communities better in Taiwan. We also supported teams from previous years in rolling out their plans.

  • Support for science education 

    Train Teachers for Programing accumulated insights from 2019 to 2020, across 9 municipalities. In 2021, MediaTek upgraded it to support teachers developing STEM* program, cultivating science and technology teachers at elementary and junior high schools, as well as subsidies f or them to open science and technology courses.

    In addition, MediaTek has been cooperating with National Taiwan Science Education Center since 2011 subsidizing schools a t remote areas in educational scientific projects, a program engaging 4,000 teachers and students, 40% of slots reserved for schools in remote and disadvantaged communities in order to narrow the urban rural divide.

  • Social services 

    MediaTek has been actively taking part in social ser vices, including education, industrial development, humanities and more. with the number of beneficiaries e xceeding 13,000 person/times in 2021.     

Note: STEM refers to the four major fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.