MediaTek upholds the value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a cornerstone of a positive work environment. We are dedicated to providing a supportive workplace that fosters a diverse workforce, an inclusive culture, and equal opportunities for all.

At MediaTek, inclusiveness is a core value that we actively promote. We strive to create synergies within our diverse talent pool, maintain an open mind, and incorporate a broad range of perspectives in order to infuse our company's innovation with momentum for long-term sustainability. 

Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion extends throughout our organization. We are dedicated to fostering an equal workplace and continuously refining our understanding and practice of diversity and inclusion at all levels of management and among all employees. We believe that this is integral to for our company’s sustainable operation and growth.

MediaTek Human Rights Policy   ▪   MediaTek Declaration of Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Equality

▌Powering DEI: Nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 

2022 Implementation Status◢ The overall training rate of the sexual harassment prevention course was 98%, and new employees’ training completion rate was 100% in the year.
Employee Resources Group (ERG) was expanded, and the technologic woman power community—Women in Tek—and the community of foreign workers in Taiwan—Global Family community—have been established. 
2023 Management Goals◢ 100% completion rate for sexual harassment prevention course.
1-2 employee resource groups are added to care for employees from minority groups, thus building a friendly workplace. 

▌Accelerating Fairness in the Workplace

Protection of human rights◢  MediaTek adheres to a diversified and inclusive talent strategy, complies with local laws and regulations applicable to each operation worldwide, recognizes and supports the spirit and principles of human rights protection outlined in international bill of human rights ( e.g., the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), treats all employees with dignity and respect, and eliminates human rights violations and abuses.
Compensation system◢  MediaTek is committed to creating a workplace that is friendly and fair to female employees. New employees' salaries are determined based on objective factors, such as competencies required for the applied position, education, relevant work experience and the general salary level in the market, as well as the salaries paid to existing internal employees who hold the same position.
 The starting salaries for all positions are better than the basic wages set forth in the Labor Standards Act, and we ensure that employees' salaries do not differ based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or marital status.
Female Employment◢  MediaTek is committed not to impose gender discrimination on job applicants. In 2022, female employees constituted 20% of total employees of MediaTek and its global subsidiaries.
 The female employees in R&D and technical departments amounted to 3,241 individuals, which constituted 17.9% of total employees in the Company's R&D and technical departments, which is higher than the average female graduates of electronics, electrical, and computer science and information engineering in Taiwan (13~15%).
Implementation of equity in Workplace and Prevention of Wrongful Acts◢  MediaTek has launched and established friendly workplaces globally. The Taiwan headquarters complies with the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety Act, and thus requires all employees to attend training on prevention of wrongful acts in workplace, which is included as part of the compulsory training for new recruits. The training completion rate of new employees for 2022 amounted to 100%. Meanwhile, in accordance with "Act of Gender Equality in Employment," "Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act," "Regulations of Sexual Harassment Prevention," and "Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act the Company" has established the "Sexual Harassment Issue Management Committee", sexual harassment prevention hotline and complaint mailbox to manage the issue therein. In 2022, four sexual harassment complaints were received, and all of them were handled promptly.
For training on prevention of wrongful acts in workplace for 2022, the completion rate of new employees amounted to 100%, and the completion rate of all employees amounted to 98%.

▌Quick Facts

 A gender friendly workplace with Female: Male ratio = 2:8Promotes diversity & inclusion with employees coming from 43 countries and regions globally.
Cultivates an inclusive workplace where 78% of global employees feel a sense of belonging.Committed in equity with equal pay for equal work.

▌Key Milestone


Include “Inclusiveness” in the Company’s core values


Formed Women in Tek network in our Shenzhen office, followed by WIT communities being set up in the US, Asia Pacific and headquarters 


Rolled-out global scale employee survey


Included DEI index in global employee survey; 

aggressive strategic talent acquisition globally 


Define DEI people index for continuous tracking; 

ERG (Employee Resource Group) expansion in HQ; 

global employee newsletter on DEI

▌Employee Resource Group

"Innovation" is one of the core values of MediaTek, and the key to innovation comes from embracing diversity, creating an inclusive and secure workplace environment that enables employees to fully realize their potential and self-actualization. 

In 2022, we have expanded our existing employee community and establish two Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to create a platform for employees to help and communicate with each other, support each other's growth, and promote dialogue among diverse groups.

1. Women in Tek

Women in Tek is a community of MediaTek focusing on empowering women to grow and create a better development journey together. WIT rolled out the “Advisor Buddy” program to recruit female volunteers in helping new female employees establish their footing in the workplace while also developing leadership skills within the volunteers themselves.

2. Global Family

Through three different areas: Networking, Culture Engagement, and Inclusive Workplace, we aim to support the continuous growth of our overseas colleagues and establish a feedback channel between our employees and the company. Our goal is to create an international talent-friendly working environment at the headquarters of MediaTek.

■ There are about 130 foreign employees at the MediaTek headquarters, with Malaysians and Indians being the largest groups.

■ In 2022, we held three events: Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake DIY Experience, Diwali Festival Celebration, and Fireside Talk with top executives. Through these events, we created opportunities for colleagues from different countries to exchange ideas and had a relaxed chat with each other and the executives about their overseas work and life experiences.

▌Caring for Working Parents

●  Maternity protection

The Health Center carefully designs the diaper pads and muslin washcloths exclusive for MediaTek babies. Each building is equipped with standard breastfeeding rooms. A total of 39 rooms are available to the use of at least 41 employees. The Company strengthened the breastfeeding space and amenities so that a more comfortable space is made available to each breastfeeding mother.

Comprehensive amenities support and design include certification of excellent breastfeeding rooms. The Health Center monitors the list of mothers under maternity health protection. Employees on the lists of before and after childbirth are evaluated by doctors in terms of hazard assessment, hierarchical management, health protection and other adaptability assessment or recommendations.

●  Encouraging Childbirth

MediaTek's "Work Rules" adhere to the Labor Standards Act, Company is not allowed to terminate the employment of an employee during the paternity leave. Female employees are entitled to a combined of 56 days of maternity leave for the period before and after labor. Male employees may choose to take the 7-day paternity leave when their spouses are in pregnancy or during the 15-day period before and after the day of labor (or miscarriage). 

Paternity leave is also a paid leave. MediaTek also provides a childbirth cash gift to congratulate families welcoming new members. Employees may apply for unpaid parental leave if necessary. In 2022, the reinstatement rate for unpaid parental leave applicants amounted to 79%. MediaTek provides adequate assistance to reinstated employees who had taken unpaid leave, so that they are able to re-adjust to the working environment.

▌Employee Spotlight on #EmbraceDEI

Priyanka Gupta

As an engineer, I strive for challenging assignments in a healthy workplace. In here , I’m provided with a happy mental space which has kept me going during my ups and downs. A woman in a high-tech industry desires more flexibility in where, when, and how she works and MediaTek ticks all of these.

Joshua Bamfora 

As working parents, the best thing is that your peers and colleagues are happy to hold down the fort while you are focusing on family. MediaTek has been very supportive of new and growing families; after the arrival of my new baby, I received a newborn care package loaded with warm blessings from the company!

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