Talent Strategy

"MediaTek aim to inspire conviction, establish ethical collaborations and a strong team spirit to unlock the creativity potential in all employees."

| Geographical Distribution of Employees

As research and development is a core requirement, MediaTek is driven by a need t o seek out leading technical talent globally. As of the end 2021, the total number of our staff (including contractors) amounted to 18,031. To effectively leverage our global R&D capacity, MediaTek has established 27 sites around the world. The overseas employees constitute 35.7% of the total employees. We hope to increase the timeliness of pr oduct development and technical support through exchanges and collaboration between our global employees. 

| Human Resource Structure

MediaTek is committed to create a friendly and fair workplace for female employees. In 2021, female employees constituted 20% of total employees of MediaTek. The female employees in R&D and technical departments amounted to 2,907 individuals, which accounted 18% of total employees in R&D and technical department, higher than the average female graduates of electronics, electrical, and computer science and information engineering in Taiwan (13~15%). 

|Equal opportunity

MediaTek is committed in providing a friendly and equal workplace for our female employees. Our salary proposal was made based on the candidate's capability, education background, work experience and market benchmark. We prohibit all discriminatory behaviors in determining the salary against employees based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, political affiliation, or religion. 

To learn more about MediaTek's multinational distribution, please see p.33-35 of the report.