Employee Experience

▌Our Commitments and Policies

To generate good employee experience, MediaTek has established realtime and two-way communication channel to accurately and quickly convey company information to employees, as well as listen and respond to employee opinions. We integrate and transparently communicate each other's expectations and feelings to build sustainable and strong employee relationships. The company has set up communication and employee relations organizations and departments to promote global communication standards and advocate the 5C Model (Common language, Consider others, Clarify, Confirm, Concise) to ensure the effectiveness of team communication across geographies and languages. Meanwhile, the Company utilizes a set of diverse, online and online communication channels for both employees and the Company to engage in a two-way communication to improve the understanding and responses to one another. On a regular basis, the Company conducts employee opinion survey, and responds and makes improvements based on the results of the survey to establish a sustainable development workplace.

▌Our Goals

Short-term Collectively implement group communication standard and establish a friendly communication environment.
Via a diverse set of communication channels, disseminate effectively the Company goals and policies. Gather and respond to the thoughts and recommendations of employees.
Mid- and longterm Conduct employee opinion survey regularly. With regard to employee feedback and expectation, the Company has organized optimization teams to conduct planning and carry out the implementation so as to increase employee satisfaction.
The Company continues to use online and online communication channels to effectively communicate and implement its future goals.


Manager communication meetings◢ Every season, the CEO and general managers shall take turn to convene the meeting, one session in Chinese and English Languages each. In 2022, eight sessions were convened. We also invite heads of departments worldwide to attend the meeting so as to receive first-hand information from the management.
Labormanagement meetings◢ Each quarter, one session is convened. In 2022, four sessions were convened and the attendance rate was 100%.
Employee Complaint box and Employee suggestion box◢ In 2022, six complaints were received and handled properly.
Global Employee Survey◢ Global employee surveys are conducted every two years. The latest survey was conducted in 2021, and the next survey is expected to be conducted in 2023.
Employee Communication Platform◢ The original FAQ was revised in March 2022, and frequently asked questions have been placed on the company's AI Chatbot, which responds to employee questions 24/7 all year round. The average number of visits per month reached 3,077 and the average number of questions sent was 21,000.
On the I Have Good Ideas communication platform, Employees are invited to make joint efforts to build a great company environment and able to make suggestions on the Company's overall environment, workflow, operational development and employee benefits. The recommendations are categorized by topics and sent to each responsible unit for evaluation, then are included in the work plan for implementation. A total of 550 employee suggestions were received in 2022, and the response rate was 100%.
On the employee service platform (repair service and canteen feedback), 2,469 questions from employees were answered, and the average response within 3 days was 82% in 2022

▌Robust Utilization of Diverse Channels to Implement the Communication Spirit

● The internal digital newsletter for employees, MediaTeker Hub Newsletter, shapes and promotes the cultural values

In 2022, the MediaTeker Hub Newsletter, was revised and published as a bimonthly bilingual employee newsletter. Through interviews and thematic reports, the organizational strategies, corporate culture, important news, etc. are presented in short reports with lively visual design to help employees better understand the Company. In addition, through the highlights of activities around the world, we present the energetic side of our employees and unite employees from different regions in a relaxed way. In 2022, there were 6 issues of the newsletter, which were read by an average of 3,700 people per issue, and the satisfaction rating was 4.4/5.

● Diverse Employee Feedback Channels

MediaTek has established employee complaint mailbox to properly handle complaints via a complete system, providing employees a fair and just workplace environment. In 2022, the mailbox received six complaints, which had been handled, and improvements had been made. To enable employees to promptly receive the information needed, especially for those who are out office hours or out of the office area to get the information they need as soon as possible, the Company has developed Awere Alpha. 

In December 2020, it was ocially launched, enabling employees to post queries to the robot directly and receive human resource information. In 2021, Alpha was upgraded and its use was expanded to overseas locations such as China and Singapore. The scope of information provided by Alpha was also further expanded to legal and intellectual property areas. Apart from enhancing the convenience provided to employees, they are also subject to acquire a pioneering technological experience under a corporate culture that emphasizes innovation and actions. In 2022, there were 149,096 visits and 253,938 questions.

● Strengthening consensus via holding manager communication meetings and allemployee communication meetings

MediaTek celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022 with the theme "From One to Number One". The company organized various online and oine events to recognize the contributions and achievements of its employees worldwide over the past 25 years. These events included immersive online experiences, real employee sharing, and opportunities for global employees to celebrate together. The "Portrait of MediaTek" activity collected over 1,500 shares from employees around the world to understand what working at MediaTek represents to
individuals and families.

For more information, please refer to the Talent section of MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.