Occupational Health and Safety

MediaTek has passed the certification audit for the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The goal is to guarantee workplace health and safety through systematic management

MediaTek pays close attention to the workplace safety of employees. To facilitate the understanding and focus on health and safety of employees of different levels, the Company conducts hazard identification and risk assessment pertaining to key operations or higher potential hazard incident so that there is zero hazardous incidents in the workplace.Since 2015, the company has regularly conducted employee evacuation exercises, which exceed the industry average. These exercises aim to familiarize all employees with evacuation routes, assembly locations, and head-counting. The exercises also include fire extinguishing simulations and first-aid routines. 

The buildings used for the exercises include oce buildings in Hsinchu, Zhubei, and Taipei. In the yearly exercise, there were 10,865 participants, which is 1,736 more participants than in 2021 (9,129 participants). To ensure there are no blind spots in environmental safety, the company promotes the importance of safety features to employees and visitors. It also performs regular environmental and operational safety checks on oces, public areas, meeting rooms, laboratories, customer office areas, and factory equipment areas.

▌Employee Welfare

●  Environment
Employee centric workplace

 MediaTek values a safe and adequate workplace. In 2022, the Company had rolled out friendship measures for the convenience of employees in the office and public areas in hopes of providing a better quality work environment.
In line with the growth of our workforce, MediaTek provides spacious office space for our employees. A total of 1,760 new oce seats were added in 2022. For employees' comfort and health in the office, the new seats are ergonomic.
To promote employees' physical and mental health, three new office buildings have been established. All of these buildings are equipped with a gym, a massage room, an employee cafeteria and a creative thinking space.
Taking care of employees' accommodation and transportation, we provide short-term accommodation for new employees and provide shuttle bus service for their commuting.
The parking lot entrances of all offices in Hsinchu show the number of cars remaining, and an app has been introduced for checking the number of parking spaces remaining so that employees can plan their driving routes more eciently.
An online repair reporting system was set up to provide prompt response to repair needs in oces. In 2022, a total of 1,670 repairs were processed, 78% of which were completed within 3 days, and nearly 90% of which were completed within 5 days.

Healthy and Hygienic Canteen Services◢ The staff cafeteria in MediaTek comprises 30 vendors. On average, the dining rate exceeds 90% each day. The vendors serve approximately 18,000 meals and provide a wide variety of dining options each day. The Company consistently strengthens food health and safety management, including bi-monthly SGS inspections and checks.
The 2022 on-site restaurant satisfaction survey was completed by more than 4,300 employees and received a satisfaction rating of 3.7/5.
A food and beverage feedback platform has been set up to continuously collect suggestions and maintain the quality of the food service. 799 feedbacks were received in 2022, and more than 90% of them were improved within 3 days.
As the control of the COVID-19 is gradually removed, the dining rooms of cafeterias are reopening progressively. At the same time, we encourage our employees to use cafeterias’ plates or bring their own lunch boxes, which are healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.
In 2022, the Company purchased Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes from local merchants, and employees are also able to purchase extra boxes as gifts for their friends and relatives. The total number of boxes ordered reached 9,880, which is a 62% increase compared to 2021

●  Physical and Mental Health Promotion
Gym Each office is equipped with fitness facilities and equipment for employees to exercise. Regarding equipment purchase, we set up much self-generated sports equipment to encourage employees to exercise and keep healthy, and also support energy saving and carbon reduction, thereby protecting the environment. According to statistics, the employees visited 114,200 times in 2022 (in line with the government's pandemic prevention policy, the gym is closed from June to July), and the usage rate of the gym is 100% every day.
On-site medical services The medical team from National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-Chu Branch visits the Company 30 times each month to provide one-to-one medical consultation for the employees. A total of 1,164 appointments had been made.
Massage In 2022, 40 visually impaired masseurs were engaged and provided 12,678 massages; the reservation rate reached 100%.

●  Health Checkup and Management

Each year, every employee is entitled to a medical checkup fee of NTD6,500 and a half-day medical checkup leave, which exceed the regulatory requirements. Each first level executive or above is entitled to a medical checkup fee of NTD15,000 and a full-day medical checkup leave. MediaTek also pays close attention to the mental health of employees. In the yearly medical checkup, employees are encouraged to indicate their own mental state using the "Self-Assessed Sentiment Scale". The measure not only enables employees to gain an understanding of their own mental state, but also allows psychologists in the Health Center to care for and follow up on employees with higher risk. 

At the same time, nurses may also provide education and consultation on various diseases based on the yearly health checkup. Doctors may be arranged to provide consultation based on actual needs of employees. The results of medical checkup each year are analyzed , and follow-up actions and care are provided to employees with abnormal checkup results. Additionally, various health talks and promotion activities are planned and implemented. In 2022, 94% of the employees applied for health check subsidies, and the expenses for health checks amounted to NTD69.06 million.

●  Employee Assistance Programs

To foster a healthy workplace, the Company two types of comprehensive employee assistance program, i.e. external and in-house programs. Regarding external program, we cooperate with "Newmind EAP Consultation Co., Ltd." Under proper privacy protection, employees are able to contact with the said organization without pressure for professional consultation, psychological advices, legal and familyrelated issues. The company pays for all services related to the EAP employee assistance program. Each person is entitled to use the service for free three times a year. The usage rate is 4% in 2022 based on statistics.

●  Leisure Benefits
Benefits Subsidies  To enable company benefits better catering to employee needs, since 2019, the Company has implemented "flexible benefit" scheme, allowing each employee to utilize one to five company benefits, e.g. travel subsidy, yearly shopping, culture and entertaining, optional health examinations and family insurance.
The employees may distribute the expenses for each benefit as they wish. In 2022, due to the pandemic, the overall reimbursement rate of 97% was comparable to the preceding year, proving that the flexible benefit scheme is still applicable in catering to employee needs despite changes in the external environment
Club Activities◢ In 2022, there were 64 clubs, and the newly established clubs include the Water-Friendly Fishing Club, the Marine Ecology Club, the Taipei Bartending Club, the Compassion and Fitness Club and the Zhubei Dragon Boat Club. The company provides a variety of clubs for employees to participate in. A total of

3,062 people participate in clubs at the Company.

●  Health Promotion Activities

Each year, the Company plans for and carries out health promotion activities and sporting events. In 2022, due to the pandemic, the only sporting event, i.e. the badminton competition was held. Other health promotion activities were held virtually instead. Each quarter, based of the health needs of employees, the Health Center disseminates designated themed health education, whilst also conducts four online talk series on stress release. These activities are generally very popular among employees. 

In addition, to improve the managers' health, we regularly arrange hiking activities and health seminars for the Group's managers. After work, we encourage our employees to exercise in internal and external gyms under the limitation scope of the pandemic prevention regulations. The Healthy Living Center is opened based on the adjustment of the pandemic policy. The total number of visits (including internal and external visits) reached 118,174. In 2022, 36 health promotion events were held worldwide, and 6,499 people participated in the events. These events brought the world together to achieve health and work balance.

For detailed information, please refer to section 3.5.3 "Employee Welfare" in MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.