Employee Development

▌Our Commitments and Policies

The Company has established designated organization and units to provide corresponding training and learning resources to employees and executives of different levels and roles, assisting them in job competence cultivation and career development.

▌Our Goals

Short-term Strengthen the job requirements in executive management to cater to the future challenge and growth facing the Company.
Re-visit the learning development blueprint of executives to respond to environmental changes and cultivate leadership talents that can take on future challenges.
Provide employees with training to enhance individual performance and professional competence so as to assist their career development.
Mid- and longterm Enhance the leadership of executives of different levels via competency development oriented executive training program.
Facilitate the innovative thinking and competitiveness of employees by consistently conducting advanced technological seminars and courses.
Maintain the technological and operational leading position by enhancing the professional skills and management capabilities of employees and executives.


Launch 360-degree feedback for leadership competence

In 2022, according to the job requirements in leadership for executives, the Company had developed the corresponding feedback indicators and system platform. In the same year, the group-wide participation rate amounted to 86%, which garnered a utilization of 27,861 times.

The Company had conducted several global "report illustration sessions." The participating executives amounted to over a thousand individuals. This was to ensure that executives were able to make use of the feedback results as an important reference for leadership development

Competence centric manager training program

Using the Leadership Competency Model to assess and adjust the executive training program, the Company designed the MediaTek management case study to provide guidance for thinking and learning.

Newly promoted grassroots executives were provided with a three day off-site workshop to enable them to achieve three goals: active participation, continuous learning, and fostering relationships. They also received direct feedback from executives.

In 2022, the company conducted 6 sessions of off-site workshops for newly promoted managers, with a total of 257 attendees. These workshops aimed to reinforce the knowledge gained from the training and provide practical case study workshops four months after the course. 

The case study workshops allowed supervisors to discuss management problems in different departments and explore available resources, expanding their thinking. Additionally, six months after the workshop, management behavior change tracking was conducted through self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation. This tracking ensured that supervisors received feedback, support, and guidance in their leadership development, enabling continuous learning and achieving the best results.

Responding to pandemic requirements Although we have entered the post-pandemic era of COVID-19, there is still a demand for remote work in offices everywhere. Therefore, we provide staff and supervisors with remote work and management manuals so that they can study independently as needed. In 2022, there were 459 visits for online learning.
Revision of global learning platform Strengthen user experience and convenience. The platform had garnered a total of 728,591 visits, which had increased by 18% as compared to 2021.
Passing on experience The Company has established the Innovation Award and Special Contribution Award (ISCA). In 2022, there were 15 teams who took part in the competition. After the competition, video clips were shot to record the success stories and experience sharing of five winning teams. Via the promotion activities for the newly launched online learning platform, the video clips were well received, gaining more than 44,700 views.
AI program and MediaTek Advanced Research Center AI lecture

We deeply cultivate in AI domain and provide resources, such as online learning and regular seminars, to help our employees continuously develop their professional knowledge. 1,085 persons were trained in total.
Through MediaTek Advanced Research Center, experts from home and abroad were invited to give trend analysis and experience sharing. Over 700 persons participated in total.

Internal classroom courses

In 2022, all internal classroom courses saw an average satisfaction score of more than 93 points (full score was 100 points).

High potential talent In 2022, 357 senior/medium-level managers and grassroot managers participated in counseling sessions. The total hours exceeded 2,490 man-hours.

▌Talent Development Plan

In 2020, the Company updated the job requirements for executives􏘧 leadership roles. In 2021, the Company launched the 360-degree feedback for leadership competence project, which included feedback from executives, peers, and subordinates. This feedback mechanism provided constructive feedback to executives, helping them understand their leadership strengths and areas for improvement. The participation rate for this project was 86%, with 27,861 feedback instances. The 360-degree feedback mechanism aims to accelerate the development of leadership competence for executives, promote growth for all organization members, and create a feedback culture in the Company. 

The Company provides a comprehensive training program to ensure the overall high quality of the talent pool and strengthen the leadership and management capabilities of executives at different levels. The program includes the Board of Directors􏘧 participation in the training development of senior executives, development of high potential talents, and leadership development and cultivation of professional competence of executives. The Company also establishes individual development programs to assist executives and employees in consistently strengthening their career development momentum with a diverse and comprehensive education and training program.

For a detailed understanding of our employee development plan and its global implementation results, 

please refer to section 3.3.1 "Talent Development Plan" in MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.

▌Diverse Learning Resources and Channels

MediaTek places a strong emphasis on the training and development of its employees. Executives work closely with their subordinates to create yearly development plans based on individual job responsibilities, performance evaluations, and career development goals. These plans serve as the foundation for designing training programs for employees. In addition to offering training courses that are categorized based on specific areas of development, MediaTek provides a diverse range of learning resources and channels to cater to the unique needs of its employees. This includes access to online learning platforms and a manager book club. These resources ensure that employee training programs are tailored to meet the individual learning and development requirements of each employee.

●  Online Learning Platform

In 2020, the online learning website was upgraded and became a group-wide learning platform for sharing and co-creating globally, thus increasing learning interactivity. As of the end December 2022, the platform had provided 3,527 online courses (3,041 courses in 2021). As of 2022, the platform had garnered a total of 913,083 visits (613,274 visits in 2021), which had increased by 32.8% as compared to 2021. All permanent employees and executives are able to manage the progress of in-person courses, on-the-job training and online courses using the comprehensive online learning platform and gain better learning experience.

● Manager book club

The training unit proposes the books of the year for the manager book club based on the Company's management strategy and the managers' development needs to the chairperson of the board of directors to make a determination, and each business department organizes the manager book club. Furthermore, cross-country oces are connected to jointly organize study sessions. In addition to sharing the knowledge acquired from the books, the challenging cases in management practice are also discussed together to expand the common language of communication and the benefits of management discussion. In 2022, all the business departments held more than 60 study sessions.

▌Performance Management and Development

To enhance organizational and personal performance, MediaTek􏘧s Performance management and Development (PmD) system focuses on developing employees through goal setting that aligns with the organization􏘧s objectives, two-way communication to reach consensus, and providing daily performance feedback. This system helps employees achieve optimal work results, demonstrate their core values, and explore their potential for future development, ultimately leading to the best organizational and personal performance.

▌Channels for Internal Job Transfer

In September 2019, MediaTek introduced an internal job application mechanism to provide its employees with diverse development opportunities and enhance their career development. This initiative aims to promote internal talent mobility and create a friendly workplace environment. Since its implementation, a total of 407 employees have applied for internal job transfers, and 188 of them have successfully completed the transfer. The success rate for job transfer matches is 46%. It is worth noting that most successful internal transfers were completed within approximately four months after the application.

For more information, please refer to the Talent section of MediaTek's 2022 ESG Report.