Employee Development

"The sustainable operation and growth of MediaTek depend on the professionalism and management capabilities exhibited by our employees. Via training and development mechanism for different levels, we seek to enhance the competitiveness of employees and management, making MediaTek a global leading semiconductor company in terms of technology and operation."

| Commitments and Policies

Our company has designated teams to plan and develop corresponding training and learning resources to employees and executives of different levels and roles, assisting them in job  competence cultivation and career development.

  1.    Short-term
    1. Strengthen the job requirements for managers to cater to the future challenge and growth facing the Company.
    2. Re-visit the learning development blueprint of managers to respond to environmental changes and cultivate leadership talents that can take on future challenges. 
    3.  Provide employees with training to enhance individual performance and professional competence so as to assist their career development.
  2.    Mid-and long term
    1. Enhance the leadership skills
      for managers of different levels via competency development oriented manager training program. 
    2. Facilitate the innovative thinking and competitiveness of employees by constantly conducting advanced technological seminars and courses. 


| Talent Development Plan

MediaTek revisited the leadership competency model for managers in 2020. Furthe in 2021, we launched our 360-degree feedback based on leadership competency model. With the platform and its mechanism, constructive feedback was provided to managers via diverse and comprehensive perspectives, including the manager's supervisors, peers and subordinates, allowing the managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual leadership advantage and areas for improvement.

Under the concerted effort of all employees, the participation rate for our worldwide employees reached 85%, with a total of 23,108 feedbacks collected. The 360-degree feedback mechanism can accelerate the development of leadership competence for managers, lead organization members to grow together, and create a win-win feedback culture in the company.


| Diverse Learning Resources and Channels

MediaTek values talent training and development. Our managers help employees establish their annual IDP (Individual Development Plan) according to individual work content, performance evaluation results and career development needs. These serve as a reference for employee training plans.


| Performance management and development

PMD (performance management & development) system aims at helping employees create optimal individual performance that in turn feeds into organizational performance by associating tasks with individual development, by dialogues between manager and report, and by timely feedback and evaluation. 


| Channels for internal job transfer

In September 2019, MediaTek launched the Internal Job Application mechanism, offering employees worldwide opportunities to enhance career development and access best-fit positions for their talent. The internal job application system also aims to increase internal talent flow and create a friendly workplace. Since its inception, 340 employees have applied for transfer, and 143 have completed the process within 4 months. Translating to a success rate of 42%.


To learn more about MediaTek's training & development, please see p.42-46 of the report.